Yes, they most certainly can, and if you read further down, you’ll discover all the many helpful ways movers can do for you beyond merely packing. 

Most people find the thought of moving already stressful in itself and rightly so.  Moving is an arduous process that requires careful planning, especially if you’re transferring your family or business to another city, town, or even moving all the way from San Francisco to Los Angeles and vice versa.  

Likewise, moving can be quite costly, which is why many would rather just let professional movers do one or two tasks to save on some expenditures that they think they can do themselves with the help of friends and family. 

What most people don’t realize though is that having a proper moving company in SF handle the process for you saves you a lot of time – and money – in the long run.  But if you’re looking to save as much as you can for now, then hiring movers just for packing purposes is a sound decision.  

Before signing up any moving company in SF to pack your belongings, here are a few guidelines to remember when letting them handle your things:

What Can Movers Pack For You

More often than not, the best moving companies in SF or the Bay Area will ask you right off the bat for an initial list of the types of belongings you’ll need for them to pack.  This not only helps with them giving you an approximate quote for their costs, but it also helps them determine what size of packing boxes to bring and any other packing materials like bubble wrap or packing peanuts.  

Of course, you can always provide these packing materials yourself.  Regardless, always let your movers know ahead of time the kinds of items you want to be packed so they can have a run down of anything that might need special packing procedures, like a grand piano or a coffee table completely made of glass.    

Here are the general items that movers in SF or movers in the Bay Area can pack for you:

  • Clothing
  • Books
  • Toys
  • Pieces of furniture (make sure to inform them of any large pieces of furniture or anything that needs to be disassembled first)
  • Appliances 
  • Cutlery and other kitchenwares 
  • Goods made of glass or other breakables like picture frames, sculptures, and mirrors
  • Other basic household items 

What Movers Can Never Pack For You

The benefit of giving moving companies a heads up on what you need packed is for them to also let you know ahead of time that you might have certain things at your old place that they just cannot handle for safety reasons.  At least by knowing ahead, you can already plan for packing these certain things yourself so the day of the big move doesn’t get disrupted.  

These prohibited items that professional movers cannot pack include:

  • Hazardous chemical products for the bathroom or kitchen like bleach, de-clogging solutions, pest control sprays
  • Hazardous gardening products like fertilizers and pesticides
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Propane or butane gas tanks, oil barrels, and other fuel products
  • Any food from the refrigerator
  • Weapons such as hunting knives, guns, rifles, and ammunition 
  • Ornamental plants 
  • Live pets
  • Medicine 
  • Valuables such as cellphones, laptops, jewelry, house and car keys, and cash (these should be handled by you and you alone)
  • Cash boxes or small safes 

While they may not be able to handle these items themselves, it’s a good idea to ask advice from your movers on how you can properly pack these things yourself, particularly with the hazardous chemical products.  

Moving Preparation Pro Tips

As part of the best moving companies in the Bay Area and greater San Francisco, we at SF Bay Area Moving would like to share with you some pro tips that can help you prepare better once you’re about to make your big move:

  • If you have pets and small children at home, enlist someone to look after them on the days of packing and moving (if they are separate days) so you can focus completely on assisting the professional movers at your old place.
  • At least a day before your move, prepare a small day bag that has your essentials: a change of clothes, toiletries, snack bars, drinking water, and your cellphone and its charger.  And have this day bag with you as you transfer locations so that you have something to provide for you while you’re still in the process of unpacking. 
  • Always have extra cash on you for tipping your movers and for any other sudden unexpected expenses you might incur.  

As the best moving company in SF, it’s very important for our customers that they feel their belongings are safe and secured in our hands while we pack them.  We know the process of transferring homes or offices can be stressful but with our experienced movers doing all the literal heavy-lifting for you, you can rest assured that your move will go smoothly as you hoped for.