Moving Delicate Items: Guaranteed Safety and Confidence


When it comes to moving delicate items, safety and care are paramount. Items such as artworks, antiques, crystals, porcelains, musical instruments, and sensitive electronic equipment require special handling to ensure they arrive at their new destination intact and in perfect condition. Companies specializing in this type of service excel by offering solutions that meet the specific needs of their clients, providing peace of mind and confidence throughout the entire process.


Why Choose Specialized Services?

Professional Packaging

Specialized companies use high-quality materials to pack fragile items. Reinforced boxes, Shrink wrapping, paper wrapping, and corner protectors are just a few of the items used to ensure that belongings are well protected. Each item is packed according to its characteristics, guaranteeing maximum safety.

Highly Trained Team
Professionals specifically trained to handle delicate items. With extensive experience and knowledge of the best packaging and transportation practices, these team members ensure that each item is treated with the care it deserves.

Appropriate Equipment
These companies have modern and suitable equipment for moving and transporting delicate items. From special carts to stair elevators, they use everything necessary to ensure items do not suffer any damage during the move.

Transport Insurance
To provide an additional layer of security, specific insurance is offered to cover any potential damages during transport. This way, the client can be assured that any unforeseen issues will be minimized.

Check out the testimonial from our client Marilyn Bardet, who needed to move 50 artworks from her late husband:

“ On Feb 26, 2024, SF Bay Area Moving did a very special moving project for me that required careful handling and transport of 50 large-scale, heavy, framed oil paintings—my late husband’s powerful, beautiful work — from our studio in the Benicia Arsenal to permanent secure storage at nearby Benicia Mini Storage. As a painter myself, I had been worried: how each painting was handled mattered. Each canvas had to be carried separately, one at a time, down steep outside stairs, to be packed securely in the truck with extra precautions: paint surfaces would be vulnerable to damage by poking or denting from front or back of the canvas. Each one had to be judged for its size relative to the next one in order, front to front, back to back, when Building stacks of paintings against the wall of the truck. A large sheet of cardboard had to be placed between each canvas, for protection in transit and also in storage racks.

On the day of the move, this very delicate job couldn’t have been more efficiently and expertly accomplished! Graciously taking in my instructions at the outset, the men worked as a focused, professional team. Within 3-1/2 hours, as estimated, all the paintings had been removed from the studio and safely transported, were carefully racked in the storage unit. Everything went smoothly without a hitch! Not only was I pleased and relieved, I was immensely grateful for the respect each man gave the paintings shown in their handling, start to finish.”

If you need to transport delicate items and want to ensure maximum care and safety, consider hiring a specialized company. We professionals are committed to providing excellent service, giving you peace of mind knowing your valuable items are in good hands. Research, contact companies in the field, and request a no-obligation quote.

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