Tips For Smart and Easy Moving

SF Bay Are Moving knows that moving can be stressful and here’s some tips that you can use to make a moving experience as smooth and easy as possible.

Either if you do your own packing or you decide to let the professionals do it for you it is always a good thing to put aside items that you don’t want to be packed in a moving van. That should include a suit piece of clothing that you and your family will need over the next couple days. You can put all of these items in the closet that’s clearly labeled “Do not pack”. That will help your movers avoid accidentally packing anything that you were planning to take with you.

Also make sure to complete your high value inventory form. This form should list any items that are worth more than one hundred dollars per pound. Ask your SF Bay Area Moving crew leader for information about how to complete the form.

The  driver will take inventory of your items before he load them into the moving truck. He will inspect each item for scratches and other damages and will reflect the information in the inventory form. Your driver or SF Bay Area Moving specialist will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the inventory forms and any other documents.

Before you leave you home and after you check that nothing is left behind here’s one last thing to do. Check to make sure you have turned off the lights, furnace, and air conditioner. The doors and windows should be locked. And don’t forget to leave all keys and garage door openers for the new occupants.

We at SF Bay Area Moving wish you have an easy and hassle-free move!

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