Tips on Finding the Most Trustworthy Moving Companies Bay Area

Tips on Finding the Most Trustworthy Moving Companies Bay Area

Moving can be a harrowing experience, and quite costly. However, there are precautions you can take when looking for the best moving companies Bay Area to help ease your burden.

Our personal recommendation is to move yourself or if you cannot, use a moving service which you load and they simply handle the driving. However, we know this isn’t always feasible. If you absolutely need to hire movers, here are some helpful tips to help you find reputable moving companies Bay Area.

The first place you should look is your phone book. Better yet, contact your local real estate agency and get the names of 3 local movers. It is recommended to find movers that have been in business for ten or more years. Do not use a moving broker as consumer protection laws are not sufficiently defined or enforced regarding household good brokers.

Next you need to schedule home appointments with these moving companies and then you have to do a detailed estimate. If they do not meet your requirements, then you need to find another company. You need to find out if they are using their own staff or subcontractors. It is also a good idea to visit their company in person to see if they are who they claim to be, keeping in mind to check out their storage facility and vehicles, If the name of the moving company is not permanently marked on the company trucks than this is not a good sign of a reputable company.

Always read all documentation presented to you by the moving company Bay Area. Be sure that you are aware of any provisions or loopholes should a problem arise. It is also important to get the following information before hiring a moving company:

  • Full company name and address
  • Toll free and local phone numbers
  • Years in business
  • Phone numbers (local and toll-free)
  • DOT and MC license numbers
  • Website and email addresses
  • References (it is a good idea to call some of the references to see if they hold up to their reputation)

Next you should investigate the company online. Find their corporate information as well as any online reviews. Look up the MC and DOT license numbers to make sure that they are valid. You should also look up their insurance information on SaferSys.Org. You can also contact the Better Business Bureau to find out if there have been any complaints registered against them. You should also call the FMCSA’s Safety Violation and Consumer Complaint hotline (1-888-368-7238) between 10am-6pm M-F to see if there are any complaints as well. You can also post on, which has message boards discussing moving companies

Most importantly, on the day of your move, if any other company besides the one with which you have the original agreement shows up, you must not do business with them. And never, ever sign any paperwork that you have not had the time to examine, nor that is blank. Once you sign a document, you are held to what is says so never sign without first reading the document in its entirety.

If you keep this advice in mind, you will be able to find the most reputable moving companies Bay Area has to offer.

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