First of all, congratulations on your upcoming move! We know that this is a big step for you and your family! Our goal at SF Bay Area Moving is to make your moving day as simple and stress-free as possible. And we put together a few tips that will help you to prepare for moving out of your home.

The process of moving starts long before the movers arrive at your home. There are a few things you want to have done a head of time.

Defrost and dry refrigerator

First, you will need to have your appliances ready. We recommend that you have washers and dryers service before transport. Your SF Bay Area specialist can even arrange this service for you. You also want to empty and unplug refrigerator and freezer at least 24 hours before the movers arrive. This will allow it to dry before it is loaded on the truck. Also since you won’t have your refrigerator available consider packing a cooler full of drink and snacks to have for moving day.

Dispose hazardous materials

Next, you want to dispose things that can’t be taken on the moving van. The following items are examples of items that are not allowed by federal law and cannot transport. Hazardous materials such as explosives, compressed gases, flammable liquids and solids, oxidizers, poisons, corrosives and radioactive materials are not allowed for transport.

Use colored duct tape to mark boxes for each room

If you planning to do any of your own packing make sure you have finished by the time the driver arrives. It is best to use professional packing materials which your SF Bay Area Moving crew can provide on the day of the move.  Also remember to label each box with a room of house it was taken from.

Prepare first-night box

A good thing to do is to prepare a box of essential items to load last on the truck with the same label on it “LOAD LAST”. This will be the first box unloaded at your home and should contain things like paper towels, toilet papers, soap, first aid kit, flashlight, bottle of water and anything else you may need at your new home before all of your items are unloaded and unpacked.

Finally, before the driver leaves your home do one last check for anything that may have been left behind. Be sure to check attics, all storage spaces and basement too.

We at SF Bay Area Moving hope that you find our tips helpful and you are on your way to a simple stress-free move!

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