Packing things well is essential for a successful relocation. The whole process can be nerve-wracking, time-consuming as well as quite daunting. If you have no time for packing because of having to work, or simply want to avoid stress involved, avert possible damage or other problems with your belongings, leave it to pros.

Professional packers are specially trained to secure all your furniture, appliances, clothes along with other things during the move. They know exactly how to arrange, wrap, pack all items, so they stay unharmed in the process.

SF Bay Area Moving has hired and trained employees well in order to take care of your possessions. We provide packing services for all types of local, residential or commercial moves. Our professionals are recommended by many of our customers because our staff are aware of proper techniques and equipped with the right materials. We use special packing supplies, a range of materials to protect your belongings. We also use appropriate cardboard boxes for various items of different shapes and sizes. Depending on the household goods and their amount, we come with cardboard boxes for moving houses, businesses or rooms. All your possessions will be thoroughly wrapped and covered with free of charge furniture blankets to ensure a damage-free move. We offer full partial relocation packages depending on a customer’s needs. We take notes of all the nuances that should be discussed prior to the moving day so that we do the packing efficiently.

For all your breakables such as fragile china and glassware, our professionals pay special attention, wrapping each every item with a double layer of packing paper, placing them in boxes to secure their immovability. Large items like furniture are carefully shrink wrapped, also all corners are protected with cardboard. If you wish us to pack your wardrobe, we will neatly fold all your clothes, store them in a free specially designed wardrobe box and unpack them in your new home.

Our professional packers use certain techniques for packing all things in a safe well-organized manner, so unpacking would be fast and would not require additional effort. You can be reassured that all your belongings will reach their destination safely in the condition they were prior packing. At SF Bay Area Moving we strive to provide impeccable services for all our customers as well as solve your moving problems taking responsibility off your shoulders and handle packing process with utmost care professionalism.


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