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Local moving made easy in Tiburon

Has it ever been easy to move house? We love to think of the pioneers loading all their worldly goods into the back of a covered wagon, but really, imagine what a hassle it must have been to pack and drag one of those babies around! Ultimately, whether you are moving locally in Tiburon or further afield, you are essentially still at the mercy of your own covered wagon. And they’re still just as hard to load and unload. That’s why SF Bay Area Moving is here to help you with all your moving needs.

While moving will always involve some stress, SF Bay Area Moving will work with you to keep this to a minimum. As one of the premier local movers in Tiburon, we smooth out the problem areas in the three main moving jobs – packing, transporting, and cost.

Will packing and unpacking be a pain for you?

Packing (and unpacking) is unquestionably one of the biggest jobs to do when moving. We fill our homes with personal items, and it’s really not until we have to move that we realize just how MUCH we’ve accumulated! To help you out with this massive job, we have a great range of boxes and packing materials available for the simpler items. For the more complex items such as those which require assembly, or fragile or high value goods, we send in our experts to take over.

Once your goods are packed, the job of our local movers in Tiburon is to see that they arrive safely at your new home. In the days of the covered wagon this was a relatively simple (albeit slow) process. Your boxes weren’t likely to be tossed around, thus damaging your goods, when they were only traveling at speeds of 20 miles or so a day. These days, transit is much faster (so much riskier) but our drivers will make sure that your goods arrive at your new home in the same condition in which they left your old home.

Is it worth looking for other local movers?

Finally, there’s the cost. This part is simple. We charge you what we say we were going to charge you. No hidden costs. End of story.

So whether it’s moving locally in Tiburon, or across the state, we know you’ll be happy with your moving experience with SF Bay Area Moving. Give us a call today.


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