Local Movers in San Rafael | Packing/Unpacking and garbage removal

Local movers in San Rafael – get your moving quote in 15 minutes

Moving is always a problem, whether it’s 5 miles away or across SF. But with SF Bay Area Moving you can find out how to avoid most of moving problems. We are fully licensed and insured company that provides excellent service.

In SF Bay Area Moving we recommend to move your house this way:

  1. Plan your move while you have time. The thing that adds massive stress to your moving  is to do last minute rush job like packing glass or cleaning garbage.
  2. Contact your moving company several days before moving. In our company representative from SF Bay Area Moving always helps clients and prioritizes theire needs. As a rule we set up a schedule to make sure all important activities are done.
  3. Using our checklist we find out the gaps if you have any in your moving activities. Our representatives are experts in knowing what problems are likely to incur during a move.  Our expertise guarantess that you won’t face any surprises during your moving.

What can we do to move you locally in San Rafael?

We can arrange the best time for the move to happen. SF Bay Area Moving is available around 24/7 for local moving in San Rafael, or anywhere within the 100 miles away from San Francisco. So choose the acceptable time and our staff will be exactly on time.

If you need any assistance with packing, boxes for rent  or a place to store goods prior to moving into new house, then we really can be of help:

  • we provide packing/unpacking services;
  • we can provide you with boxes for all your moving needs;
  • we provide you with FREE wardrobe boxes.

Pack what you can, and leave the rest to us. You’ll find our packing expertise especially handy when it comes to packing large, awkward, or fragile goods.

Need local movers San Rafael who will make moving a fun?

SF Bay Area Moving would be happy to work with you to make sure that your needs are met, for the best possible price.

Our staff is fully trained, and we perform background checks to make sure that we can trust to the every member our team. We are insured, licensed and professional movers who will make your moving a fun.

So call 415-259-4440 to SF Bay Area Moving when you need local movers in San Rafael. We’ll take the stress out of moving.

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